About Conferences

More than 120 participants from New York based arts and cultural institutions gathered at Lincoln Center in December 2014 and again in March 2015 to hear from experts, share promising practices, and grow as a community of practice in addressing the challenges of the Common Core with integrity.

To gain a better understanding of the Standards, participants worked through an activity designed by Student Achievement Partners called “Name the Standards.”

To take a hard look at their own programs, staff, and resources, participants used a Gap Analysis Worksheet at each Culture and the Core event.

Below are some highlights from both conferences:

Lincoln Center Education

Culture at the Core: Panel Discussion

Sharon Dunn, Daniel Wallace, Sarah Zuckerman, George Young, and Thomas Cahill discuss issues surrounding the intersections of Arts and Culture with the Common Core Standards from different perspectives.

Lincoln Center Education

Culture at the Core: Standards Orientation (Sarah Zuckerman)

Sarah Zuckerman takes participants through an orientation with the text of the Common Core State Standards, facilitates an activity called “Name the Standards,” discusses different ways of aligning with the Standards, and answers questions from participants. See the accompanying documents below for more information.